Video Field

Gravity Forms Video Field

With the Gravity Forms Video Field you can easily add a Youtube video to your form.

  • Add any Youtube video to your forms
  • Video preview image in admin area

Button Field

Add a button to your Gravity Forms

With GFengine you can easily add a inline button to your Gravity Forms. You can choose to open it in the current or a new tab. Also you can add your theme’s default button class to overwrite it’s style and fit your theme.

  • Open in current or new tab
  • Support for custom CSS classes

Switch Field Type

Edit Field Type in Gravity Forms

With GFengine you can easily change the type of a Gravity Form. For example, you could switch from radio buttons to checkboxes and back in a few clicks.

Switch Field ID

Edit a Gravity Forms Field ID

With GFengine you can easily change the field ID of a Gravity Forms field. Just select one of the available values and edit the field ID in seconds.

Multi-Column Forms

Place Gravity Forms fields in columns

If you use Gravity Forms often you will probably know the gf_left_half and gf_right_half class to place fields in columns. This is actually a nice feature, but is not easy to use for novice users. GFengine makes creating multi-column forms easy for all Gravity Forms users.

Our add-on adds an extra option to the field appearance settings that is called Field Width. There you can choose from the available options (e.g. 33% or 50%) to set the width of a field. GFengine will place fields in columns for you based on the width you chose.

Heading Field

Add Headings to your Gravity Forms

With Gravity Forms you can add custom HTML to your forms. This is nice, but not easy to use for novice users. That’s why GFengine includes a simple heading field. With this field you can add a simple heading (H1-H6) to your forms.

  • Add any heading (H1-H6) to your forms
  • Makes your forms look better and more structured

Image Field

Add a Media Library image to Gravity Forms

With the image field in GFengine you can easily add an image to Gravity Forms. Just upload or select an image from the Media Library and display it in your forms.

Slider Field

Gravity Forms Slider Field

With the Gravity Forms Slider Field you can easily add a simple range slider to your forms. You can set the slider minmal, maximum and default value, and you can set the slider step.

  • Set a minimum and maximum value
  • Set a default value
  • Works great on mobile devices
  • Easily customizable with CSS

Signature Field

Gravity Forms Signature Field

With the Gravity Forms Signature field visitors can easily add their signature to your forms. Of course, you can also use this field to let your users add a simple doodle to your forms.

  • Set the width and height of the signature box
  • Customize the style with CSS

Autocomplete Address

Gravity Forms Autocomplete Address Field

With the Gravity Forms Autocomplete Address field your users can easily search for their address. GFengine autocompletes it for them with Google Maps data. All the address subfields (like street and city) will be filled automatically.

The autocomplete address field from GFengine comes with some nice admin options:

  • Five address subfields: street, city, region, postal code and country
  • Show or hide individual subfields
  • Edit the subfields labels